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“Devilish Merry is a high energy group that touches people right where they are. Their approach to traditional music bridges all gaps, without straying more than a step or two from traditional presentation.” — Gene Corbin, Pittsburgh New Sun


“In an era in which string bands seem to be lurking in every alleyway, Devilish Merry is exceptional for its musical vision. Moreover, every one of the members has the talent necessary to turn that vision into an exciting reality. The Ghost of His Former Self's an outstanding debut album.” — Tom Bingham, Audio


“Devilish Merry resides in a musical zone where Celtic tradition, American country and other related strains of music join together. From the more traditional Celtic instrumental 'Toure's Farewell', to the frenzied, slide guitar-driven original 'Crash Site', Devilish Merry continues to blaze its own unique trail.” — Mike Shanley, Pittsburgh City Paper


“When I’m in the audience, I want to be touched emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. And that’s exactly what Devilish Merry does. For all their individual excellence and personal innovation, everything they do is for the sake of the group sound.” — Tom Payne, Gardyloo


“Not unlike jazz musicians, Devilish Merry sometimes jams, sending its audience into a frenzy of Irish jigs and down-home foot-stomping.” — Terri Vogt, The Pitt News


“Devilish Merry is an anomaly of blood and environment … they sing and play the melodies of a Celtic tradition while living in the shadows of a Nabisco factory, an urban ghetto and the steel mills of the Monogahela River … their music has a rough-hewn directness that powers in our memories echoes of a rural past generations removed and a continent away.” — Bernard Holland, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“Devilish Merry sings the music with passion and a close feeling for the background and concerns of the populace which gave it rise: love of country, love of other people, grief at hard times and bad luck, joy in good times.” — Martha Oliver, Laurel Highlands Scene

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