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Irish and Appalachian Folk Fusion
from Western Pennsylvania

  • DEVILISH MERRY is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania traditional music ensemble that blends Appalachian and Irish melodies with powerful, ballad-based songs on American history and heritage. It’s a lively mix of old-time fiddle tunes, Irish jigs and reels, Pennsylvania folk and labor ballads and riveting new songs from the musicians’ own life experience. It’s music suited for a wide range of occasions — concerts, festivals, weddings, grand openings, square and contra dances, conferences and conventions, birthdays, Earth Days, house parties and workshops in music, composition and songwriting.

  • DEVILISH MERRY is Sue Powers with banjo and songs, Burr Beard, hammer dulcimer and vocals, Jeff Berman, Lap Dulcimer and percussion, Jan Hamilton, fiddle, Heather Gilmer, fiddle, LE McCullough, tin whistle flute and bones, and Kip Ruefle, bodhran.

  • DEVILISH MERRY has performed at museums, school assemblies, coffee houses, bars, parks, malls, hotels, summer camps, art galleries, houses of worship, community nonprofits, Civil War battlegrounds, hospitals, farmers markets, country fairs and every kind of school setting you can imagine, from pre-school on up.       Over the last four decades, they’ve probably played for close to a million sets of human ears.  Now, they’re ready to play for yours.

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